Feeding StingRays at Fair Park Aquarium – 2:30 PM

The favorite event at the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park is feeding the Sting Rays. This occurs at 2:30 every day.

If you miss the feeding, every loves petting the Sting Rays.  There is a wonderful Pizza Restaurant at the Fair Park Entrance.  (Pizza Lounge)

There is also an I-Max.  Fair Park is a wonderful summer family destination!




Fair Park Childrens Aquarium
Paddle Boats Fair Park

Albino Alligator

Fair Park Childrens Aquarium


Fair Park Childrens Aquarium

The Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park is located across from the Band Shell. Children are free to roam and explore. The exhibits are just their height! The exhibit rooms are open so they may run from display to display while you are able to keep them in sight.

The Children’s Aquarium features an Albino Alligator. The highlight for most children is the discovery of the piranha, though they often wish their teeth were bigger!

The last exhibit features sting-rays darting in a shallow pool and is the highlight of the visit for most!

Lee Ann Torrans - Children's Aquarium - Fair Park

Lee Ann Torrans - Mid Century Modern Architecture

Children’s Aquarium Hours
9:00 am – 4:30 pm 7 days a week

Regular Admission Day Ticket

Adult ages 12+ : $8.00
Youth ages 3-11: $6.00

Child age 2 and under free .


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